Monday, July 24, 2006

Xena: Pluto's bane

There is a vote of astronomers coming up in Prague on whether to officially add a tenth planet to the solar system. It is expected to get the nod. Officially it would call in to question Pluto's status as a planet as Pluto is much small than Xena. However Pluto is the only planet ever discovered by an American and so it is thought that as it holds cultural and historical significance, it will be allowed to stay.

My thoughts though surround the fact that such a big deal was made over man landing on the moon in 1969 and nearly 40 years later there is still no base on the moon. The moon would make a wonderful launching pad for exploring the rest of the solar system. I think that as humanity we have dropped our game a bit. To me it seems that the motivation for landing on the moon was far more miltary and political than scientific- an outcome of the cold war. At least there is a new super power rising in China and their space exploration, this may get the race going again.

We have a duty to explore God's creation, it is part of our worship to him.


000davi said...

yes it is our duty and privilege to explore the universe, but as with much exploration throughout history, it has not been done by scientists in the name of discovery, but by soldiers in the name of commerce. "the militarization of space" is becoming a more common phrase as space is set to become a major trade route, the new "high seas". the UN's ideals for the peaceful and co-operative use of space are in stark contrast to the intentions of the planet's biggest superpower.

it's also intersting that it's scientific space exploration, seemingly the preferable alternative to military conquest, that was responsible for shaking the faith of so many earthlings only a few centuries ago.

PS. i think you mean "bane".

Pasha said...

Oops, yes I misspelt that one. Thanks.

Pasha said...

Good and evil coexist in this current universe in which we live. If the good of exploration is to happen then we have to put up with the evils of militarisation, it is inevitable.