Thursday, July 13, 2006

Merging technologies

I had these ideas floating around my head months ago, but many of them have leaked out. I suppose I will record just a few of them here and build on them when the ideas come back to me.

Prediction 2015: We will all carry little communication devices. We will no longer call a computer a computer. Our cell phones, computers, television and all means of communication and media will be merged into one device.

This device will connect in to a wireless internet. Video conferencing will be very common and very cheap. If you so desire you will be able to talk to someone face to face from Mt Bogong to the Ural mountains.

The devices will project an image in the air and will thus not require screens.

You will be able to record all of your thoughts through speech. This raises questions about literacy, but a new kind of literacy will develop. It would still be possible to have a keyboard projected by laser on to any flat surface for typing.

You will be able to record your data on to cards if you so choose or an a server at your own home or on a server owned by an ISP, the choice will be yours.

The communication device will be handy in giving multimedia, powerpoint type presentations. You will simply be able to put the device on a table and project your images on to a wall.

Developments possible but not included in 2015:

Running the electricity from the charge in your body, you will never need to recharge batteries again.
Technology that can read your brain waves would enable you to simply think your commands to the device.
This same technology will be further developed to allow you to receive messages from the device. it will have to be your choice whether to have this feature turned on, just as it will be your choice if the device itself is switched on.

Prediction 2050-2100:
The device will have incorporated the above features. An individual on one side of the world will simply think "I would like to say hello to my brother in Brazil." At that direct thought a message is sent to his device to ask him if he wants to speak. Upon his reception of the "call" a virtual face to face conversation could be held, with or without the use of voices.

This is the potential of the technology we already have today.


000davi said...

this makes me wonder why we need a "device" at all, and whether the device is a paradigm of the industrial age. the device is the means, but you have spent most of your post describing the ends it will achieve.

if miniaturisation is synonymous with technological progress, let's fast forward to whatever year you want and totally minimise the means.

what if the device is a nano-technology serum you can inject or swallow like a performance enhancing drug.

telepathise with people anywhere in the world. no need to type or hold anything up to your ear.

ask google questions just by thinking them. know everything.

no need to project anything onto a wall. you can simply "visualise" something and anyone you authorise can immediately see what you mean. like a shared hallucination.

you wont need to take photos because you will remember everything you perceive. you can recall whatever instance you want and play it back for anyone just by remembering it.

listen to every mp3 in existence as loud as you want, alone or in a huge concert. it will be impossible to wake the neighbours or damage your ears, because no sound will actually be heard. only the sensation of hearing will be simulated directly in the brain.

if you're old fashioned and still have a thing for "devices", well... you can wirelessly trasmit your memories to a printer or a dvd burner.

nothing here is science fiction. it's what humans have always been doing, and doing better and better as time advances. it's just a matter of time.

Pasha said...

You are one step ahead of me at present. We'll have to see how the technology unfolds. One thing is for certain though: we can only imagine where it will go. Imagination of course is the fertoil soil for discovery.