Spirituality, beliefs and gospel.

Why did Jesus get baptised?

The Kingdom of God is found in the doing

What is the kingdom of God? (my church detox continues)

The genetic history and future of the human race: Africa the key to our salvation

A season of detox

When was the world created?

Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola and George Barna

Mars Rover "Spirit" and Titan probe "Huygens"- both instruments of worship.

A subtle error: idolatry in the camp of Protestants?

The first covenant

Things we can learn from the creation stories (creation of spirits, hydrogen).

First century non-charismatic evangelicals? (Apollos the Egyptian)

Mercy and Compassion

U2 360 Moscow- post show reflections and thoughts on Bono's faith in Jesus

The coming Mongolian expansion and Muslims coming to Christ

Beauty will rise- Steven Curtis Chapman (album review)

Faith like potatoes- a movie review of your faith

Making Jesus Famous

Intimacy vs Formalism

Let the nations fill the Lord's temple

The gospel is for Christians too

No Line on the Horizon- U2 spell out l-o-v-e (review)

What in the world is going on? (Terrorism, natural disasters etc)

Australia, I call on you to turn to your God

Can you hold down the Pleaides?

I have no gift to bring

Societal sin- let's forgive Ben Cousins

Am I a thief or a good shepherd?

Shaking the world view

Can Christians be demonically attacked or influenced?

Chronicles of the Kings- Lynn Austin

What is the true temple?

Circle time: I wonder if I'll get shot for saying this!

Three things I want: He told me everything I ever did

Censored again

Tower of Babel and linguistics

Are you a monolingualism?

My eschatology

Organic church by Neil Cole

Not another eschatological theory

What is evangelicalism?

I'll have some of the mystery thanks

More reasons to believe

Post modernism: a definition

The gospel in my heart language

Why do I believe?


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