Sunday, January 20, 2008

Circle time

We had a couple of new people visit our gathering today. They had become quite disillusioned with the church. I commented to them that it is important to be part of a group where people care for you and take the time to pray for you. This often does not happen in so many churches, as they are either too large, or have too strict a program.
They were also given permission to participate as equals. When Jesus died on the cross the curtain in the temple was torn in two. The Holy of Holies was made accessible to all believers. The need for the priestly system of the old testament was done away with. Jesus is now our High Priest. All believers are priests in the Royal Priesthood of all believers. This is controversial stuff in the established church. In the Body of Christ, there is no distinction between clergy and laity. But this seems to undermine the traditional structures of established churches, and removes the power of one man over another. But Jesus said that the gentile rulers lorded over other people, and this was not a system that he wanted to establish.
We are all equal as priests in the Body of Christ, as were our new guests today. If you are a believer in Jesus, you are a priest too. As a priest you have a function to perform. Find a place where you can perform this function. I wonder if I'll get shot for talking like this!

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shinbone #4 said...

it's so interesting that you wrote this today... one of the main points I remember from our service here today was a story from just after pentecost. Here this whole group of people had just experienced God in a transforming way... now full of the Holy Spirit they didn't abandon the congregation and the programs they had already established - which we are want to do... it says they went to their regular prayers services. I think thats a good little piece of information. I know I was really dissolusioned with the church when I got back from Israel... it seemed so dull and lifeless - but I was failing to let God do as he wanted on his time. I wanted change to suit my sense of excitement.... know what I mean??
Anyway... I think God's trying to get that through my thick skull.