Saturday, January 12, 2008

A small prediction

I know I've been on a bit of a cricket thread recently. More than half my readers are Canadian so that may be a bit strange. Anyway, in test cricket it is normal for a fast bowler to bowl a "bouncer" every now and then to the batter. (A bouncer is a ball that reaches the batsman at around chest height or higher.) A bouncer is actually playable, but a lot more difficult than a regular ball. The rules in test cricket give the umpire discretion as to how often such a ball can be bowled. (In one day cricket a maximum of one per over is allowed.)
This is fair and within the rules of the game, but it has a history. Sometimes it is deemed unfair if a bowler utilises the bouncer too often.
My prediction is that as India have been crying foul of Australia so much recently, that every bouncer bowled by an Australian will be seen as unsportsmanlike. How far the game has digressed from the true spirit intended between two teams.

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