Sunday, January 14, 2007

Why do I believe?

I have decided to record some of the reasons why I believe in God.

Faith in God rests on multiple layers: creation, history, community, personal experience, experience of others, theology. That is a little too many layers to address in one post.

Let me start wit the first layer. Creation. When ever I get out of the city I am always overawed by the beauty I see and experience: the majesty of the mountains, the power of the ocean, the vast expanse of the night sky reaching light years away, northern lights displays. At a closer level there is the beauty and simplicity of the flowers, birds and animals. Then of course there is the complexity of the human being. Each of these examples to me speak to my heart that there is a creator. Within me there is a resonation that there is a God who is far greater than all of these things and made them all.

But what about scientific arguments that claim everything started with a big bang, and then gradually evolved to what we have today? This delves into the realm of philosopy but it is worth addressing. Firstly I think there are some major problems with the scientific world view. The age of enlightenment started in the 1700s after the renaissance period. The age of enlightenment was when man said that he could search, find and prove the answers to everything. A self confidence in his own worth and ability. If God is true, then that is a huge stretch for man to say that he will ever be able to explain everything. Even if God is not real, it is actually a huge slice of arrogance to say that man through science can explain all of the wonders of the universe. The universe is so large, that man could not explain it in a million ages. Therefore to argue that God does not exist is unprovable. This is where atheism falls flat on his face. If the doubting scientist says that God is not real and insists on searching the world through those criteria how can he ever know whether my faith is real or just a fabrication. He cannot prove this, and this is the achilles heel of science.

So science does not have all the answers. The death of modernism is heralded. Nietzsche proclaimed that God was dead. Atheism is a concept that only came about from the modernist world view. Post modernism has begun. People know that science can not answer spiritual questions. It seems that Nietzsche was wrong and that God has risen from the dead again!

I am not even tackling the question of who God is today. I am simply establishing why I believe in God, and then debunking the atheist lie that tries to undermine this. Most of the world's population would agree that there is a God. Most would even agree that there is an unkwown God who made everything. I think that this Creator God must be pretty amazing, from looking at creation.

I have faith that God exists. This is not such a stupid proposition these days. In the age of modernism many people ridiculed this proposition. But modernism had failed to answer this all important question. In the words of Douglas Adams (a self proclaimed atheist): The answer to the question of life, the universe and everything is...... 42. Now you could say that he was ridiculing the question. But I have read his works closely and he asks the question many times. But he never found his answer. He insisted on looking at the question through a scientific world view. In reality the best answer you can come up with through a scientific world view is 42.

To believe that God is not real and personal requires a modernist scientific world view. A post modernist can not think this way. If a post modernist is to become an atheist they must first digress back into modernism.

My reasons for believing are not because of philosophical arguments. My reasons for believing are because of the witness and story that I see in creation around me. Such beauty and inspiration. It inspires me to have faith- faith in a God who is much, much bigger than me.

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