Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The phone or the computer?

In an earlier post I wrote about the concept of merging technologies. I have been predicting (it's not like this is a genius prediction), that eventually we will all walk around with hand held communication devices that carry out all needs; i.e the applications of a computer, internet, television, stereo, telephone, video conference, camera, photo album... the list goes on. These devices will carry out every conceivable communication concept we can come up with.

The iPod has been filling a niche in the market based upon that which is cool and young people demand. It started out as a simple mp3 player, then Apple improved the display and design, then eventually video was added. A new product is being released this year which is the next big step in the internet revolution: the iPhone.

Watch your tv shows or movies, with this full screen display. Show of your slideshows of photos. Notice on the right that there is an iSight camera. (2 megapixels).

The phone carries GSM coverage for mobile calls. The internet can be accessed this way. The phone also comes with Airport (or Wi-Fi), so the internet can be accessed in a cafe without racking up mobile charges.

There are multiple software applications. Future versions are bound to be capable of carrying out many more applicatons. There is every application that one could hope for in a PDA.

The web browser enables viewing of web pages as they were designed to be viewed.

The screen is fully touch sensitive and intuitive. It has text predictive typing which means that a full keypad is not required.
Choose your music simply by touching it.

The next question is, as these technologies merge, what will we call this device? A computer, a phone, something else? This will be interesting to see how our language develops.


Anonymous said...

Looks funky.

Anonymous said...

When are they on sale?

Nathan said...

not in canada, that's for sure.

Troy Waller said...

The first thing I thought when I saw this online was ...."COOL!!!"

But the reason why I won't buy one (in the near future anyway) is the same reason why I ddn't buy a Sony Erricson Walkman phone. If I lose it then I am screwed out of hundreds of dollars. I don't just lose a phone, I lose all the other extras I paid for as well. I have almost (but didn't) lost my phone and I know lots of people who have. Phones are like keys, easily lost. This is why I refuse to get a phone with a camera and other 'whizz-bang' functions.

My iPod 30GB Video is my portable media device these days and when it leaves my house, it is shown the greatest of care, someting I cannot guarantee with my phone.

So until the price comes down to the point where i can afford to take it with me, I'll stick with my base model, camera-less Nokia.

Pasha said...

They will probably follow up in Canada in 2008.