Monday, August 14, 2006

Weird mystery night sound

We woke up in the middle of the night three nights ago because our baby was crying. The windows were open. The most bizarre noise was filling the sky outside. Keep in mind that night time is usually silent or close to silent. During the day time we are used to hearing back ground noise in the city, such as traffic etcetera, but not at night time.

The noise sounded similar to the noise a plane makes when it flies over head. Except this noise hung around for about two hours. Sometimes it got louder and sometimes softer, as if the source of the noise was sometimes further away sometimes closer. It felt eerie, if not at least very weird and inexplicable.

The first thought that came into my mind was "is this some sort of government military experiment?" If it were I cannot imagine them getting away with it during the day, far too many people would be asking questions. I think people ask less questions about things that happen during the night.

Another possibility is that it could have been a fire. That is a fire would burn up oxygen and could create a rush of air and a loud sound. My response was that it would have to be a VERY large and dangerous fire and there would be no doubt we would hear something about it in the news the following day. No news. I wasn't so sure it could be a fire anyway.

We have heard the noise the following two nights only softer and further away.

It's strange and I have no explanation.


Ralph said...

Hehehe large mosquito from far north in Canada. They have been known to land at the airport and not discovered as a mosquito until they were tried to be refueled.
maybe a UFO lol. Something to make little girls ask questions my Mom would say.

Anonymous said...

Any luck sourcing the sound yet? Did you ask the neighbours?