Saturday, March 17, 2007

Silverchair are back!

I was at the iTunes Australia website and noticed that one of my favourite Aussie bands have made a comeback. Silverchair. I have always been a Silverchair fan, ever since their "Tomorrow" hit back in 1994. Back then they were accused of being "Nirvana in pyjamas" as they were only 16 and people thought they had an unoriginal sound. I took no notice and said they would be big. Today, they are commonly recognised as the biggest band in Australia. There has however been a long hiatus since their last album "Diorama" back in 2002. Daniel Johns went off ona side project tangent called the "Dissociatives."
His two high school mates and band members may not have seen this as a snub, and probably enjoyed the opportunity to take in some extra Newcastle surf. The question remained however that there was no guarantee that Daniel Johns was coming back. Without Daniel Johns there could be no Silverchair. So I must say that I am glad he has not snubbed his mates and has gotten back together with them.
Mateship being one of my core values, I didn't even give the Dissociatives a look in. But I am excited about the new Silverchair release "Young Modern" due out on April 5th.
For now, give their new single "Straight Lines" a listen. Daniel Johns lyrics have always been unsettled and disturbed, such as in his 1999 song "Ana's song" :

"And you're my obsession
I love you to the bones
And Ana wrecks your life
Like an Anorexia life"

It is well known that Daniel Johns has struggled with Anorexia and the like in his battle with self esteem. Daniel Johns has at times been the subject of prayer in my life. That is why his latest lyrics peak my curiosity:

"Wake me up strong in the morning
Walking in a straight line
Lately I’m a desperate believer
I’m walking in straight line"

Could this be the start of Daniel Jonns' journey toward Jesus? I pray so. Maybe you will too.

The song has received great acclaim and is currently #1 on the radio charts and iTunes. I rather enjoy the music. Tune into Triple J and have a listen.


Brad the Dad said...

You got links to this stuff??

Pasha said...

Hi Brad,

The best I can tell you is go to and search for Silverchair. The song is called "Straight Lines." Maybe it is only available on iTunes Australia, I am not sure. Itunes should at least let you listen to a preview. If you want to listen to streaming youth radio from Australia go to