Monday, March 12, 2007

I'm a born again ANZAC

In continuing with my little personal revelation- I'm excited! I'm excited that God loves me and loves my nation. I'm excited that at the birth of my people group that he planted a sign to himself. I'm excited that the Easter Story is hiding inside of the ANZAC story. I'm comforted to know that even if my people forget who God is, that he has not forgotten them, and that the answer is right in front of them if they will only look. It has been said that ANZAC is becoming the new religion of Australians; this was something I realised myself, but others have noted this too.

Imagine- An ocker bloke telling the stories of our God in Aussie language, in the pub with his mates, around the barbie, over the campfire.

Imagine- A half hour tv show of Australian stories (from our legends) with redemptive analogies. Imagine that this same tv show told stories from the Bible, but set in a very distinctively Australian way, with Australian actors in an Australian context and in Australian language.

Imagine- Theatre companies telling these same stories on stage with actors.

Imagine- Radio sketches of these same stories.

Look for creative ways to communicate the gospel with authentically Australian methods. God has always loved Australia, every single Aboriginal, every single convict, every single free settler.

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