Wednesday, March 07, 2007

God is in the cardboard box

There are many Bono bashers out there, but I am not one of them. I am an unabashed fan of U2 and an unabashed fan of Bono the man. Bono is spending his celebrity currency wisely to influence Americans (especially- but Europeans too) of the plight of African nations and their peoples. There are many who feel that Bono does not give enough to charity. These critics are wrong, Bono does give to charity, but simply does not boast of these acts. But more imporantly Bono knows that it is not enough to just throw money at the problems in Africa. To quote Bono in his latest speech "this is not a charity issue, as many in this room know charity, this is a justice issue..."
Bono gave a speech when he accepted the Chairman's award at the NAACP in Los Angeles recently. Bono's speech is characteristic of his passion for African nations suffering the plight of AIDS, Debt and unfair Trade restrictions. Bono highlights for us the true nature of God. I especially appreciated his exhortation, "this is not a burden, this is an adventure..." Bono is not seeking to condemn people for not being involved in the fight to end extreme poverty, he is seeking to enlist people to be involved in a very serious yet, positive cause. I appreciate his positive approach.

You can view his speech here.

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