Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sorry speeches

I had a read of Brendan Nelson's speech. It was full of half hearted excuses for the mistakes of the past and a half hearted sorry. I can understand why people booed at his speech. I'm not a fan of the Labor government or Kevin Rudd. But on this occasion I applaud their actions in a sincere apology to the indgenous peoples of Australia.

I managed to watch a 2:30 min version of the speech on you tube, but some how it did not capture the entire imagination of Australia, being here in Siberia on such a historic day for our country. I say country, because it is important that we acknowledge that our country is made up of many "nations" or ethnic groups. The word nation better reflects an ethnic group. Australia is therefore a Federal State made up of many ethnic groups.

I particularly enjoyed watching the "Welcome to Country" ceremony indigenous dance and music, to open Parliament. It is nice to be welcomed in Australia by the indigenous peoples. This is a wonderful sentiment, followed up by a sincere apology from parliament. It is now my hope and prayer that indigenous Australia forgive us for our sins of the past.

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