Wednesday, May 02, 2007


I thought that a little follow up to our Turkey trip would be in order, but I have decided to write about it on this blog instead. While we were in Turkey there were some home style executions of 3 believers in the eastern city of Millatya. I read the description of their execution in a letter from the protestant church of Smyrna. It is a disturbing an upsetting description of how one German M and two Turrkish believers were disembowled alive and died a slow death. These men are truly heroes of the faith. What is even more astounding is that the wife of one of the Turks had the opportunity to say on Turkish national news at the funeral that she forgives the killers. Such a concept is unheard of in the Is-c world. They expect blood for blood.

There are only around 3 000 Turkish believers out of a population of 72 million. Until recently most new believers came in through correspondence courses over the internet. Recently that has changed, more are now coming to believe through Turkish friends. The Turkish public have overall being shocked at the recent killings. And even though most Turks are afraid and unaware of what Christianity is, there is a shifting tide.

I sensed an openness from a young man that I talked with, while on holidays. I sense that something will happen in Turkey. It is time to take this country up in prayer. Now is the time for change in that land.

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