Monday, May 28, 2007


Prazdnik, prazdniks, all of them
Prazdniks such as Huh? True.
Boris Yeltsin, prazdnik
Valentines roled
ANZAC, no matter how, conundrum

Overt Stalin, Hitler despots, Stalin
Propagandised, lustre
Hitler, Churchill, Churchill
Dietrich Boenhoeffer’s assasinate Hitler
In the process of, of, no,
Of course such as abhorrent gusto fireworks
Babushka, Babushka?
Babushka retreated


Nathan said...

Was it really that bad??

She was just being her normal 'welcome-to-my-culture' self, and freindly too!

How we see events in other, truthful lights usually changes gradually, by little, preferably non-traumatic, incidents.

[just an aside, in Soviet times how many 'WE are OK' - as Russians not officially semi enthic-neutral soviets - celebrations were there? - this refers to Victory Day post on other the blog for any other readers, and I am not biting Paul, I like him!]

Pasha said...

I am not sure I understand this question properly- as far as I know ALL of the Soviet Celebrations were non ethnic and ideological, although Kostya could probably correct me if I am wrong.

Poetry- ahhh, so open to interpretation. Maybe I shouldn't take the bait- although I am a sucker- if I could count the times that Babushkas have been very rude to me....

Melody was extremely polite- but it was funny to know that the Babushka was... shall we say confused.

In love....