Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who is the evil empire?

I feel compelled to comment on the current conflict that has been occurring within the Caucasus. The media have the wool pulled over our eyes. They want us to believe that the USA, EU and NATO are wonderful benevolent forces that are above approach.

Let me postulate a few ideas for you:

1) The US and OPEC countries formed an agreement in the 1960s that led to all oil being traded in US dollars. This has led to unprecedented wealth for the US and for the major oil producing countries.
2) Iraq was the first country to threaten to break from this agreement. Aside from America's many reasons for going to war in Iraq, no one can dispute that oil was a part of the equation. If Iraq broke from the agreement and did not trade in US dollars it may have started a chain that would see the collapse of the US economy. Iraq was suggesting they would trade in Euros instead, a point which put France and Germany against the military actions of the US. Interestingly, USA's biggest ally, Britain does not have the Euro.
3) Iran are a large oil producing country, they are also considering breaking from the 1960s agreement.
4) The US would love to have a strategic and secure military base in Georgia, which would put them on Iran's doorstep.
5) Georgia has been enemies of the Abkhazians and Ossetians long before the Russian empire.
6) The conflict is really two empires rubbing up against each other.

South Ossetia have a legitimate claim to independence, just as much as Kosovo does. They voted for their independence in 2006. They have operated as a de facto country since 2006, with the protection of Russian peacekeepers. Georgia attacked South Ossetia first in an attempt to gain "territorial integrity" to secure their bid to join NATO and ultimately the EU.

Anyway, please have a look at the videos and read the article and have an open mind.

Western media use pictures to tell lies.
Twelve year old girl tells the truth about Georgia.
Well reasoned historical explanation about Georgia and why they are guilty.

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Lisette said...

I am so sick of biased journalism. Glad to see you have a balanced point of view on this one. There are several here who think I just think the way I do because I'm married to a Russian.
We attended a 'Freedom to be born' march in the city today. Channel ten gave quite an objective report. It presented us as the peaceful group we were - none of us chanted or shouted. Channel 7 dubbed the hecklers' chants and jeers over images of us and made it look as though the police had to keep us all apart - when in actual fact they had their backs to us keeping the hecklers in check. If only people used a little more 'salt' when watching the tv.
Of course, images sell more than the written word and few try to find out the truth any more. It's amazing how easily one can 'influence' the thoughts of people without telling outright lies (wouldn't want defamation claims, would we?) The truth is a relative concept in modern society (probably always has been), but it is still exceedingly frustrating the amount of ill-founded theories there are out there about political situations.