Friday, August 24, 2007

According to this news article redheads could be extinct within 100 years. But I believe that we will one day rise from the ashes to rule the world!! (Hah, hah....)

Actually we redheads are a beautiful breed and if we really are endangered then steps should be taken to prevent our extinction. We should be given numerous government financial incentives to encourage us to breed, and the world should value us adding more colour to the gene pool, which is in danger of being dumbed down.

Don't take us for granted or one day you will sadly mourn our loss. After all I hope you are not folically prejudiced.


Nathan said...

No offence or bad feelings towards National Geographic, but this is Absolute Rot (I cancelled my subscription long long ago). You can see redheads in the middle east, Afghanistan and Spain. I carry this gene as do a great many others across four continents in particular with representation in all of the others. Mix everyone together into a single homogenous race and you'll have Noah and his sons & their wives or at least Adam and Eve. Isolate us into little groups again and it will all reappear - green eyes, blonde-haired black men, etc.

I have heard a number of times that there is a higher propensity towards blindness amongst readheads, although I can't remember the cause.

One of my blond relatives attempted to dye her hair red one year. It turned snot-green. (She was a teenager at school with long hair at the time)

Pasha said...

Good on ya Nathan. Thanks for the encouragement mate. We shall live on! After all us Irish have a strong fighting spirit and we never give up.